Women’s empowerment has finally made societal in-roads in the past couple of years. Several movements have led to new opportunities to create momentum toward equality in several areas.

Although gender pay gaps still exist, entrepreneurial women are finding success all over the world. Women also make 80% of the travel decisions that happen each year.

Everyone in the travel industry is taking notice of this trend. Many agencies are celebrating empowerment by encouraging unique adventures for everyone to enjoy.

Here are several ways that traveling can facilitate empowerment for women if you are looking for some inspiration today.

It Provides Moments for Reflection and Self-Growth

Women opt for solo travel as a way to do some soul-searching. You can find hundreds of blogs that take this approach, sometimes using the aura of Eat, Pray, Love as their guide. As you start learning about the culture and history of a new destination, travel encourages you to discover something new about yourself.

You Can Form New Connections

Women are taking meaningful trips that fall outside of the scope of leisure or business. Working with female-centric organizations around the world enables trips that encourage empowerment in specific ways. You can volunteer to dig wells, teach English as a second language, or provide critical healthcare needs while getting to travel. Making friends during these opportunities can give you access to a tour guide while eliminating the anxiety that forms at times when being alone.

It Offers a Physical Challenge

Women are ditching spa vacations more often to challenge themselves physically. Getting away from the daily grind means doing something that sits outside of your comfort zone. You can get pampered at home when you block out some time in your schedule for it. If you’ve spent a few thousand dollars to see the world, then more women are discovering that there is a lot waiting for them to find outside of the tourist spots.

Travel Can Be a Side Hustle

Countless women are turning their love of travel into a lucrative business that involves blogging, marketing, and information management. The seasoned insights offered by their experiences encourages more people to see what is waiting for them on the other side of a flight. When you have more money available, then there is more flexibility in life. It can even replace your career if that’s a life priority for you.

You Have an Informed Perspective

Women who experience new cultures have a well-rounded opinion that thinks of others first. Knowledge is the fuel that grows empowerment. Instead of forcing everyone to be like you, travel provides opportunities to see how others choose to live. Experiencing the history of new locations or learning a new language is an asset when you seek employment or have a conversation at a dinner party.

Women should continue celebrating empowerment every day. The past century has brought voting rights, more independence, and growing equality, but there is also still a lot of work to do to help everyone have the same chances to create opportunities and enjoy traveling. 

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