Sandra Oh has had an impressive career in television. Most fans recognize the actress from her roles as Eve Polastri on Killing Eve or Cristina Yang on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. She’s received eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations, four SAG awards, and two Golden Globes for her work.

One of the ways that Oh manages a busy acting schedule is by sticking to a healthy diet that meets her specific physical needs. 

Although your eating habits should be a discussion to have with your doctor, the foods that Sandra Oh enjoys can serve as the inspiration needed for making healthy changes in your life.

Breakfast in the Life of Sandra Oh

When Sandra wakes up, she goes for a simple breakfast that anyone can make at home. She usually has some avocado toast and coffee since there’s a tree in her backyard. 

When Oh was filming Grey’s Anatomy, she would make a sandwich that including bacon, egg, and mayo at catering – and then split it with her makeup artist. 

Lunch in the Life of Sandra Oh

Sandra says that she prefers homemade food when it is time for lunch. One of her favorite dishes is bin dae dukk that her mother makes. It’s essentially a pancake that gets created using Korean mung beans, and then you can fill it with items like green onions, roasted pork, or kimchi.

Oh told reporters that this lunchtime meal is the one she would choose if she had to eat the same thing each day when stuck on a desert island.

When snacks are needed between breakfast and lunch (or lunch and dinner), then Oh chooses a salad. She prefers something that offers a high energy result, like kale. Then she’ll add some pecorino, a little Romano, or something else that takes away the vegetable flavoring.

Dinner in the Life of Sandra Oh

Sandra prefers a simple meal at dinner – and a “big, fat glass of wine.” She talks about making roasted zucchini or asparagus with a roasted chicken and a side of pasta as a favorite.

Oh also says that dinners are better when you can have a meal with the people you love.

Dessert is an interesting choice for Oh. She says that something savory is a better option for her than something sugary or overly sweet. Crispy, salty fat is her preference, and this part of the day is where her Canadian roots shine.

Sandra Oh likes to eat poutine for dessert. Although you can find several different varieties of this dish these days, the real-deal option involves cheese curds, French fries, and gravy.

If the cheese curds aren’t fresh, then the whole dish falls apart.

As you can see, you don’t need to follow perfect nutritional guidelines to have a healthy diet. When you get the essentials right and keep to them consistently, then having a treat here and there can be a rewarding part of your day.

You just might want to choose something besides poutine for dessert. 

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