Most people know that the signs of a heart attack can be chest pain, numbness in the left arm, and shortness of breath. If you have a mild incident, then it can feel a lot like indigestion. If you have a slow-moving set of symptoms, then doctors can sometimes misdiagnose your condition because of how tricky your cardiovascular system can be. 

It is also important to remember that the traditional signs of a heart attack happen more often to men than women.

Many women don’t feel any pressure in their chest or sharp pain when they experience this critical health issue. That’s why knowing the early warning signs that often fool people can potentially save your life.

Symptoms of the Shoulder and Back

Women can feel heaviness, pressure, and aching in one or both shoulders when experiencing a heart attack. The discomfort can sometimes spread from the shoulders to the chest. It can even present as a dull ache that forms between the shoulder blades in the middle of the back.

Symptoms of the Arm

Women often experience heaviness in their arms, as if lifting the limb is suddenly difficult because it has a massive weight to it. You might also feel paresthesia in the fingers, which is the tingling feeling you get after something “falls asleep” on your body. Pain from the chest or shoulders can sometimes radiate to the arm.

Symptoms of the Chest

Women can experience the traditional symptoms of a heart attack in the chest. Instead of pressure or pain, it often feels like tightness. You might have shortness of breath, like when you sprint for a long distance and then immediately stop.

Symptoms of the Neck and Jaw

Women sometimes experience the symptoms of a heart attack around their face without feeling anything else. This condition can present as a tight feeling in the lower jaw, sometimes with an aching present. It can turn into a burning or choking experience in the neck that can make it challenging to breathe.

Symptoms That Present at Any Time

The reason why a heart attack is problematic to diagnose is that some women can experience this health issue with only a cold sweat being the symptom present. It can also cause lightheadedness without causing any form of discomfort.

Anyone who experiences any of the symptoms of a heart attack should stop what they are doing to rest immediately. Speak with someone about how you feel. If these issues don’t get better in a few minutes or they worsen, then you could consider calling an ambulance immediately. Time is of the essence when treating this condition, which is why women are at a higher risk of experiencing an adverse outcome.

This content is of a general nature. It is intended for information purposes only, and it cannot take the place of the advice or a diagnosis from a qualified medical professional. It is not personalized advice, which means it should not be relied upon for that purpose. Talk with your doctor before making any personal decisions about your health or how you treat a specific condition. 

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