Recently there has been a lot of talk about CBD oil which has attracted some increased attention and focus on this beneficial product. The oil, which occurs naturally in marijuana plants, has a reputation for alleviating specific ailments. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid, CBD is not psychoactive. That means that it does not create a “high” effect. While there’s still some controversy revolving around cannabis products, CBD oil has numerous benefits.

How CBD Works
Like all other cannabinoids, CBD works by interacting with cannabinoid receptors present in the body. Notably, your body produces two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are present in the entire body and are responsible for coordinating functions such as pain, mood, and appetite. On the other hand, CB2 receptors are more prevalent in your immune system and affect inflammation and pain. CBD stimulates these receptors, helping the body produce endocannabinoids.

CBD Health Benefits
CBD can benefit your health in more than one way. Here are some of them.

1. Anxiety Relief
According to research, CBD could go a long way in anxiety management. The oil alters how your brain’s receptors respond to serotonin. Further research has shown that CBD could help people struggling with insomnia, PTSD, and other anxiety-related problems such as increased heart rate.

2. Pain Relief
Since CBD oil goes to the brain’s receptors, research has shown that it could help pain relief. Researchers say that it could help alleviate both musculoskeletal and nerve pain. A study in 2018 showed that CBD could help curb inflammation by preventing the release of inflammation triggers. CBD oil is ideal for athletes since it is a safer alternative for pain management.

3. Quitting Smoking
Undoubtedly, quitting smoking is nowhere close to easy. However, according to research, CBD could make it easier. A study showed that smokers who used CBD gradually smoked fewer cigarettes, eventually stopping craving nicotine. Besides, its relaxation effect helps in curbing withdrawal symptoms.

4. Cancer
Cancer has been a national problem for many years. However, according to studies, CBD could help prevent suppress the growth of cancer cells. Besides, there is ongoing research on how it could improve chemotherapy’s effectiveness and lessen the side effects that come with it.

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil
CBD is becoming popular among people from all walks of life, including working women. This is because of its benefits when it comes to sleep disorders and other conditions. However, despite all the benefits, it also has a few cons. Here are both the pros and cons.

• 100% organic
• Not psychoactive
• Flexibility in consumption methods
• Impossible to overdose

• Tolerance build-up
• May have an unpleasant taste
• Products might be costly

Using During Pregnancy
Using marijuana products could affect neuron development in the unborn child. Therefore, it is advisable not to use CBD while pregnant or while breastfeeding.

Legal or Illegal?
CBD’s legality is somewhat complicated. In the USA, it is legal in some states and illegal in others. Some states have legalized it for medical use, which might call for special licensing. However, at the federal level, hemp-derived products are legal, as long as the THC content doesn’t exceed 0.3%.

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