Facial hair is the worst problem to manage, especially if you find yourself stuck at home. You could use a razor to control the issue, but that action can sometimes cause the follicles to come back bigger and darker.

That’s far from the outcome you want. You can use a variety of creams and tools to get rid of the unwanted fuzz, but you will see that some products work much better than others.

If you want to get rid of your facial hair at home on a budget, then these are products that you’ll want to have available for this need.

1. Surgi-Cream Hair Remover

If your facial hair is coarse and thick, then finding a product that can get rid of it can be difficult. This gentle cream does an excellent job of getting rid of everything that you don’t want on your face. It also leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft because of the aloe vera found in its formula.

2. Venus Face Protection

Instead of using tweezers to pull out each unwanted hair in a painful, tear-jerking manner, consider using this epilator.  It uses ten small openings that spin rapidly to pluck follicles away at fast speeds. It takes a bit to get used to how your face feels when using the product, but the results you get are challenging to deny.

3. Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

When you don’t like to pluck unwanted hair, then the next best option is to trim it at the surface of your skin. This trimmer gives you a sleek, ergonomic design that helps you to reach the areas that can be problematic. You can use the comb attachment to give your eyebrows an update, and it can work on other areas of your body when needed.

4. Dermaflash Luxe Facial Exfoliation

If you don’t mind spending a little more on your facial hair removal needs, then this kit can let you do dermaplaning at home. You’ll exfoliate your skin by shaving your face, removing the unwanted fuzz at the same time. If you regularly visit a provider for this service and it isn’t available because of the current state of the world, then this product is the next best option to use. 

5. No Mo-Stache

When your problem area is the upper lip, then it doesn’t make sense to invest in a tool that takes care of your entire face. These wax strips are incredibly easy to use. Once you warm up the pieces in your hands, you smooth them over the skin so that the material affixes to the unwanted fuzz. Then you rip it off! An aloe cream comes with the product to soothe the redness that can develop afterward.

Facial hair might be seen as a blemish in the mirror, but it is important to remember that who you are is still beautiful. These tools work to give you that extra boost of confidence that you sometimes need. Make the investment today, and then your reflection will enjoy the benefits right away!

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