With a never-ending drip of new trends and hot items in men’s clothing, it might be hard on your wardrobe and wallet alike to continuously play catch-up with the most recent collections in menswear. Thankfully, this season witnesses some of 2020’s biggest trends that are sure to spill over into 2021. Here, we cover the top men’s clothing trends of 2020:

Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are those composed of one continual lens that spans the distance usually covered by two different sunglass lenses and nose bridge. Such sunglasses frequently have the shield finished and cut from a single lens material piece; whereby, traditional sunglasses might use several lens elements. In rare instances, two lenses get fused side-by-side to develop a shield lens; however, this manufacturing technique leaves an ugly seam that also causes distortion. This trendy accessory looks best with street clothes and tennis shoes. 

Flared Pants

We witness lots of vintage fashion trends returning in 2020. Flared pants being one such men’s clothing trend that’s making its way back once again into your closet. Skinny jeans are now out-of-date. No matter how emotionally attached you have become to them, it is time to say goodbye!

Do not be sad, though, for these flared pants will be so much fun. Flared pants provide the freedom to explore and experiment. They’re cool but so comfortable. Plus, fashion in 2020 is all about comfort and freedom. It is time you let your legs breathe a bit more and do not suffocate them with those skinny jeans!


They say that fashion works in cycles of twenty years. If you have been paying attention to the ’90s revival which has swept the world for the last couple of seasons, you will know it to be the truth. Washed-out denim is among the more palatable retro styles to have come back from fashion’s obsession with all things 1990’s. As with any men’s clothing style movement, you must be selective about what trends you drop and which ones you pick up. Just don’t do a popped collar on a jean jacket and you’ll be stylish with this trend. A pair of light-colored jeans will always be favorable.

Monochromatic Suits

All of us are suckers for navy, black, and dark grey suits. However, in 2020, things have changed. We’ll see several monochromatic suits for men. Say bye, bye to the same ‘ol dark colors and hello to bright, uniformed colors!

Puffer Vests

Say adios to chilly chests with the ever-popular puffer vests. Featuring a laidback exterior and soft interior, it’s possible to style them for nearly any occasion. For neutral attire, stick with darker shades such as charcoal, grey, or black. But, if you are feeling a little adventurous, you cannot walk past a bold shade like red, blue, or baby pink. Style them with a jumper, jackets, or long-sleeved shirts. Do not be afraid to try various sizes, as well – occasionally, a cropped version of outerwear may pair amazingly with a tailored suit.

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