You can find some incredible deals when you shop at local thrift or consignment stores. Although you may need to sift through some items that are overpriced and underwhelming in quality, plenty of hidden gems are waiting to get discovered right now.

Here are some ideas that can help you to uncover the best finds at your local thrift and consignment shops.

Shop at Small Town Stores

Most thrift shops in large cities get picked over rather quickly. Although communities like Reno, NV, are exceptions to this rule, you’ll find more deals in the small towns around your home. The average income of families is typically higher, which means you have more chances to discover some designer items.

Go to Stores Mid-Week

Everyone goes to thrift and consignment shops during the weekend. That means all of the donated items tend to come in at the same time. If you want the first chance to see the best pieces that have hit the shelves, then shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The aisles will also be less crowded.

Use Apps to Your Advantage

If you’re not familiar with today’s top fashion brands (or yesterday’s best), then several label resource tools are available online to help you identify hidden gems. Vintage clothing can uncover a few incredible treasures in most stores, but don’t forget to look at the artwork section. You can find international artists there at times without anyone knowing what they have. 

Ignore the Nostalgia

When you want a fantastic deal at a thrift or consignment shop, it is essential to avoid buying items based on childhood memories. Do you really need a well-loved Cabbage Patch Doll? Focus on the reason why you went shopping to make sure you can find the best deals at the small-town stores you choose to browse.

Shop a Couple of Sizes Bigger

If you want vintage clothing to add to your fashionable approach to life, then remember that some pieces can run up to six sizes smaller than something you purchase that’s new. It helps to look at sizes that you usually wouldn’t wear to see if there some incredible deals there waiting for you.

Learn How to Spot High-Quality Items

Hardwood furniture is almost always better than a veneer item. It has the same grain all of the way through without using plywood or fiberboard. Natural materials are still more expensive to acquire, which means you’ll pay a higher price for what you want. If you need a blazer, then the presence of lining means it is a better quality item – especially if it was made from a wool blend.

Shopping at thrift and consignment shops also means you can look for ways to repurpose some items. If something is broken or damaged that you can fix easily, then don’t be afraid to ask for a better discount. The store likely wants the item off of the floor anyway, and then you can come home knowing that you found a treasure in the rough from your adventure. 

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