It doesn’t take long for a shoe collection to start spilling out of your closet. When you begin to consider the footwear you have for work, going to the gym, or a visit to the beach, the amount of space the items require can get extensive.

Almost everyone tends to acquire plenty of shoes, sneakers, and boots over the months. Because these items are clunky by design, it is challenging to keep them in a closet using the same techniques you’d use for clothing, scarves, or hats.

Shoes can be somewhat tricky from a fashion sense because we have emotional connections to our footwear. You might have a couple of pairs that you never wear, but you’re hanging onto them because of the memories you have.

If your heels, sandals, and other shoes are getting out of control, then here are some ideas to help you correctly store the items in a meaningful way.

Best Ways to Store Your Shoes Today

1. Get the shoes off of the floor.

A specific shelving unit that enables you to get your shoes off of the floor is going to help with your organization. Ladder shelves are the best option, which is why you see most retailers use that specific design for your shopping needs.

2. Avoid the wire racks whenever possible.

If you want to store high heels at home, then the wire racks found at home goods stores are a terrible idea. The shoe doesn’t hang properly, and the contraption gets pushed to the back of your closet as time passes because you focus on your clothing and the 2-3 pairs that you wear consistently. 

3. Sort your shoes into specific categories.

The best way to keep your shoes organized is to sort them into usable categories instead of size, shape, or color. Keep the ones you wear all of the time together, and then create a new option for the ones you wear a lot – but not as frequently. Whatever is left over after this sorting should go to storage directly.

4. Get some shoe bins for your closet.

If you have limited space in your closet, then stackable shoe bins are an excellent investment to consider. These transparent containers are available almost everywhere to help you store most of your collection. If you have high-tops or boots, then this idea won’t work, but it can work for everything else that you need to keep at home.

5. Keep your best shoes at the top of your closet.

Dressy high heels are the shoes that you rarely wear every day. The craftsmanship on these items is often delicate, which means any storage container could create dings or nicks. By keeping them at the top of your closet, you’ll keep them out of harm’s way. Then remember to clean them every other month to make sure they can maintain their value.

Throwing your shoes into a closet is a recipe for a fashionable disaster sooner rather than later. By following these ideas, you’ll ensure that your footwear keeps looking fantastic – even if you only wear some of the items once. 

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