The holidays have a unique position in most people’s lives. Most holidays mark a point in people’s lives where they give themselves time to gather with friends and family. It’s not just a time when people come together, but is also a moment where people put that extra effort into really designing around an event. People put on special clothing, they hand up decorations, and generally put work into creating a festive spirit.

A holiday celebration features everything a dog loves the most
There’s one member of the family who’s often left out of these events though. And in many ways it’s the member of the family who’s always eager to join into a celebration with friends. That family member is, of course, the family dog. Take a moment to consider just how much the smells of new foods and returning human friends would mean to a dog. A dog tends to see the world through the eyes of a pack animal. To a dog having his full “pack” gathered together in solidarity around great food is the peak of life’s experiences. And of course the humans get joy from seeing their furry friends join in the fun.

Planning a dog’s holiday by first setting a theme
One can begin including the family dog into celebrations by considering the overall theme. For example, consider the case of a Christmas party. People often specifically look for holiday sweaters when dressing the family. This just happens to be something that applies to dogs as well. Dog clothes often place an emphasis on warm and cozy feelings.

Ensuring the family dog is comfortable
It’s tempting to think about a unified fashion before any other consideration. However, it’s important to remember that dogs are often very picky about what they wear. Some dogs enjoy wearing almost anything. However, clothing is something quite new for the majority of dogs out there. It’s vitally important that the family pet feel comfortable and happy while wearing the sweater. Because of all this it’s usually best to start out from prior experience. What kind of clothing has the dog worn and enjoyed in the past? Has the dog worn clothing with or without sleeves? Does he or she like a firm or loose fit? Matching prior experiences will make it a lot easier for the family pet to jump right into the fun without an adjustment period.

Making the purchase and helping furry friends enjoy the experience
After a proper style has been chosen it’s time to actually buy the sweater. This is the point where the family’s own choices come into the picture. If possible, narrow down the dog’s options to match the type of sweater or clothing he’s worn before. Then one should continue on by finding dog clothing which fits the family’s overall theme. For example, if the family is wearing Christmas sweaters than it’d be a great choice for the family dog. The one caveat is that the dog’s comfort always needs to come first. People can adjust to different clothing options and still have fun. But that’ll be much harder for a dog. It’s best to concentrate on the dog’s comfort and happiness.

After buying the dog clothing it’s time to get him used to it. One should ideally try to get the dog used to the clothing by having him wear it while in familiar and enjoyable environments. It’s only after verifying that he’s comfortable wearing the clothing that one should count on him being able to fit in with the fashion of an upcoming holiday. 

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