Summer fashion might not be a top priority right now, but there will come a time when you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about where you can be or who you are around. The time to start planning these adventures is now if you want to sport something cute and fun. 

Although your personality will always dictate the best styles for the summer, fashion trends in 2020 are leaning toward these options for the times when you want to do some exploring.

Baby Doll Dresses

Minidresses come out in the summer all of the time. You can expect baby doll styles to be the top priority for the fashion world in 2020. Lots of pastel hues that recall moments from spring will be available in several variations to consider. It speaks of playfulness without feeling like you’re drowning in material.

Neon Colors

After spending 8-10 weeks at home, people in the summer of 2020 want to express their boldness and courage through fashion. Expect neon hues to make a comeback this year with all styles of tops and bottoms. Choose pieces that reflect comfort and movement so that you can enjoy a casual day outside or something more formal when you enjoy some time with family or friends in the evening. 

Blossom Tops

These tops feature long sleeves and a tie at the mid-riff to keep you feeling fresh while giving you some protection from the summer sun. The voluminous balloon sleeves speak of traditions from yesterday’s generation while you focus on tomorrow’s opportunities. Pair this piece with a silky skirt and heels to rock the town when you go out.

Bucket Hats

The fashion trend of wearing bucket hats will probably never go away. This item is highly versatile, providing 360 degrees of protection from the sun so that your neck or face doesn’t burn as quickly. PVC designs and neon colors will be the hottest choices for 2020, but you still have the option to pair it with almost any outfit to have that casual look you love for a summer adventure.

Bralettes Under Blazers

Before the COVID-19 emergency hit the global economy, the hottest trend in the fashion world was the casual-sexy look of a bralette under a blazer. You can find several options from retailers with this option. If you aren’t comfortable with the look that runway models sport, you can always decide to wear one over a cardigan or a t-shirt to embrace this trend.

Puffy Sleeves

This fashion trend tends to come back every 5-7 years, which means 2020 is the year of its return. It’s an option that is easy to wear in several styles so that any piece can go from ordinary to extraordinary with this one addition.

Embracing the latest fashion trends this summer can help you to enjoy the warm weather and freedom to explore in styles that you love. Incorporate these choices in your wardrobe today so that you’re ready to enjoy each new opportunity that comes your way!

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