If you grew up in the 1990s, then the fashion trends from that era involved comfort, casualness, and practicality. It was a time when fanny packs were occasionally cool, spaghetti straps were getting you in trouble at school, and knee socks made it look like your skirt was longer than it really was.

You don’t need to be a 90s fashionista to appreciate the trends that are seeping into 2020 from this era. Here are the items you’ll want to have in your closet to embrace the comeback of the grunge approach to the perfect look.

Best Items from the 1990s to Have in Your Closet

1. Cardigans

A comfortable cardigan to wear over your spaghetti straps was the perfect choice for a chilly morning. It could also help you to avoid an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the wrong moment. This piece is popular today as a top, especially when pairing it was some loose-fitted jeans that sit comfortably on your hips.

Bonus points for you if you start singing the song “Lovefool” while getting ready for the day when wearing a cardigan.

2. Leather Chokers

Everyone had an inner punk during the 90s, especially if you reached your teen years in the middle of the decade. Chunky chokers are back for 2020, especially with chains and rings that recall the emo days. You might even be tempted to add that small heart on your cheek with your favorite eyeliner!

3. Thick Headbands

The one fashion item that everyone remembers from the 1990s is the hair accessories. They were huge in that era! You’ll see that the thick headband trend is back for 2020, but it comes with a twist. Instead of wearing something random so that people would look at your hair, the pieces now coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

If you don’t like wearing the headbands, then here’s some more good news: claw clips are also back in style for 2020.

4. Slides

Everyone in the 1990s was wearing Adidas slides on their feet. Now you can find a variety of options that don’t force you to wear three stripes on your feet. Even Gucci has a few ideas for this fashion trend to consider if you want to embrace this casual style.

5. Bandanas

The possibilities that a bandana offered in the 90s seemed endless. You could see men and women wearing them in their hair, around their neck, or even using them for shirts. For 2020, the trend is to use them more like a scarf because of the need from earlier in the year to have a cloth face covering. Add a trucker hat to the look if you want to complete your nostalgic look.

Do you still have your cargo pants and bucket hats from the 1990s? Then you have vintage fashion items to wear that will have everyone complimenting your style! Throw on the combat boots and your belt chains to complete the look that will make you feel like a kid once again.

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