Empowering women provides so many benefits to business growth that it has become an organizational strategy at numerous Fortune 500 companies.

It is also a process that seems to fail more than it succeeds. Although women are finding more jobs at the best companies in the world today, they aren’t getting opportunities for leadership positions. Women currently hold about 25% of the board seats, and 33 were CEOs in the Fortune 500 in 2019.

Both figures are all-time highs for this data point. It is also evidence that we must continue pushing empowerment as a society if we are ever going to achieve genuine equality.

How Can We Teach Today’s Girls to Be Tomorrow’s Leaders?

Girls have more opportunities to learn entrepreneurial skills at an early age today. Many of them work with boys to build business models or company simulations in classrooms as early as the third grade.

Organizations like the Girl Scouts teach girls how to start selling at an early age, which is an essential skill for a consumerism-based world of capitalism.

Those are excellent beginnings that we must continue to expand. The one place where we are deficient as a society are the moments of encouragement and experience that today’s female leaders can offer to the next generation.

We need to get this experience into every home. One of the best ways to do that is through online mechanisms that offer words of wisdom to girls at their critical times of development.

What Can Girls Learn from Today’s Leaders?

Even if we show girls inspirational quotes from today’s Fortune 500 women, the knowledge offered can serve as a foundational moment. Here are some examples that you can use at home or for yourself right now!

Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors. “Do every job you’re in like you’re going to do it for the rest of your life and demonstrate that ownership of it.”

Ginni Rometty is the CEO of IBM. “I’ve made lots of mistakes. It’s either when I didn’t move fast enough on something, or I didn’t take a big enough risk.”

Corie Barry is the CEO of Best Buy. “Have those uncomfortable moments. My strong personal belief is it is those moments that cause you to grow the most yourself, but that also differentiate you the most in your career.”

Tricia Griffith is the CEO of Progressive. “Our core values and business ethics will always be paramount in all that we do, and we are always looking to do the right thing.”

Michele Buck is the CEO of The Hershey Corporation. “Make an impact on every single assignment you get. Look at it as how can I take this to the next level, and be confident in yourself.” 

When girls have exposure to this knowledge, then the wisdom the words offer work to create guideposts for their personal development. It is in those times, when you have an “a-ha moment,” that actual empowerment happens – and that is when the world changes for the better. 

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