Hygiene, PPE, cleaning tips and tricks
The past few months have been a nightmare for everyone due to the rise in the corona-virus cases. Staying home has kept most people safe, but for how much longer can people survive without leaving their houses? Hygiene remains essential to protect loved ones from both the corona-virus and other infections. Here are some cleaning tips that are vital to keeping one’s home safe from the virus and other illnesses.

Cleaning tips and practices around the home
To lower the risk of infections around the home, ensure that surfaces and areas touched multiple times are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Use warm water and a detergent to do this. After cleaning, do not forget to disinfect the area. Surfaces that should be regularly disinfected are door handles, kitchen appliances like the refrigerator and microwave, the remote and more. It is recommended that the sanitizer used to disinfect the surfaces be at least 70% alcohol-based.

Do not enter the house with shoes on. Alternatively, leave them outside to be disinfected later or even better, disinfect them immediately. A change of clothes is also extremely important. Clothes do carry lots of germs, bacteria and even the virus. Changing into cleaner clothes will greatly reduce the chances of spreading the virus. The clothes removed should be stored away from the cleaner clothes and cleaned as soon as possible.

Laundry should be done as thoroughly as never before. Do disinfect laundry after washing it—separate clothes by the use before washing. Do not wash clothes that have been used outdoors with those used in the house. Clean and disinfect house linen regularly. This includes towels, bed sheets, curtains, seat covers and more.

When handling food from outside, or any other items, disinfect it to eliminate all germs. Where food is involved, removing the wrapping and changing containers might be necessary. Disinfecting the wrapping will also do the job. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. Those foods that require to be cooked before consumption should be properly cooked.

Hygiene practices and habits to adopt
Wash hands when it is possible to do so. When getting deliveries, after getting home after disinfecting the house. Avoid touching parts of your face and body, especially the eyes and nose. It can easily transfer the germs so be sure to sanitize using an alcohol hand sanitizer.

Never forget to adorn the correct kind of PPE when going out. It should be clean and disinfected. Use the kit correctly for maximum protection. When you can’t wash your hands, sanitize tirelessly. Use a sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. In the absence of an alcohol hand sanitizer, use alcohol-based wipes to disinfect. Remember to moisturize after sanitizing to avoid dry skin.

Keep at least one-meter distance away from people. The virus can easily be carried on by the clothes won, so space is essential. Also, do not forget to keep your masks on at all times when in public places. Masks that are meant for one use should be used only once. Those that are re-useable should be cleaned and disinfected after every use.

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